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Sales Networking That Works.

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I am constantly reminded that it is better to give than receive. This concept works well in so many facets of our lives. What about our business and sales practices? We all too often hold pertinent information close to the vest and not share openly. What if sharing opened doors to multiple other opportunities that we weren’t aware of?


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Sales networking with others can be extremely beneficial if you are interested and sincere in helping your group as well as yourself. If your networking results for the last year were mediocre then you might want to consider this: Are your shared leads mediocre in an effort to get a great lead from someone else? Be honest.

“The more I help others to succeed, the more I succeed.” – Ray Kroc

The reality of any networking group is that you will feel you’re giving more than receiving. Does it really matter? I say give away! Become the “go to” person in your group. While good leads are extremely important so is relationships, trust, credibility, and so on.

When I help others by sharing leads without strings attached, at first, the magic happens. Network members become grateful and want to help. Then my group takes on its own life and becomes an essential sales-business tool. If this is not happening within your current networking group make some changes. Surround yourself with advocates you trust. Life is indeed too short to do otherwise.

Sales Networking That Works!

  • Hand pick at least 5 “partners” that are trustworthy well entrenched networking professionals.
  • Make sure they are connected to those that can help you evolve your network to a next level.
  • Take them to lunch and explain clearly what you market and what type of networking leads you are looking for.
  • Find out what they market and get a clear idea of what kind of lead they want.
  • If they don’t reciprocate over time “fire them” and replace with a new member.
  • Be consistent and proactive.

What is sales-business success without solid relationships? Entrepreneurs have a natural “lone wolf” inclination but successful owners and sales professionals find solid relationships tremendously beneficial. Networking groups should offer a place of solace, advice, and friendship. They should offer a place to build relationships. In any career there are always ups and downs. Look around, those that have strong relationships within their industry and other business partners fair better in hard times. Those that didn’t build lasting business relationships suffer. How do you currently contribute to building relationships within your sales network?

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  1. Great article about giving, especially during the holidays. If we make things all about ourselves and never give anything away, no one will send opportunities our way and we'll find ourselves missing out on the benefits of cooperation.

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