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Are You In Charge of Your Sales Success?

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Sales people fret and stew over hitting quota and a host of other items. As a manager they would come to me and ask what they should do? My advice was always the same. Stop worrying about your quota, performance plan, and what others think about you. Are you happy? Are you making the income desired? Are you hitting your goals? Are you in charge of your sales success?
If not… Why not?


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Top sales performers don’t wait for a PIP – Performance Improvement Plan – to get motivated. They are in control of thier sales success. If they’re not hitting their own goals they’re making adjustments to do so proactively.


Let’s see if you’re in charge of your sales success.

    1.) What do you do to further your career on your own without being told to?

    2.) When you feel like things aren’t working out are you PRO-ACTIVE in looking for a new company or do you wait for the PIP?

    3.) If you know the company you’re working for is having financial problems are you already looking for another company or are you waiting for the lay off?

    4.) Are you actively PROMOTING yourself or are you waiting for someone to “notice” you?

    5.) Do you update your resume regularly or just during unemployment emergencies?

    6.) Does CHANGE scare the hell out of you?

    7.) Do you pro-actively ask others how you’re doing or do you wait for a review?

    8.) Do your peers consider you the EXPERT in your field?

    9.) Are you the WINNER that shows up early and leaves late?

    10.) Is the company quota your GOAL or have you set your own higher quota?

So… How did you do? If you’re not taking your sales career by the horns and riding it for everything its worth then you really have missed the point. Sales is tough but can be extremely rewarding. It takes a lot of guts and tenacity to be a great sales pro. Don’t waste your time and your company’s time with a mediocre attitude and performance. Take control of your sales career.

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3 thoughts on “Are You In Charge of Your Sales Success?

  1. As usual, Chris you are right on time and on point with your insight! Thank you so much, you really continue to inspire me.

  2. Good points Chris, having been in outside sales & business development for virtually my entire career, I have tried to operate as "Jeff, Inc.". In fact I once changes my name plate on my cubicle from my name to "welcome to Jeff, Inc." when asked, I replied that since my life style was dependent upon me creating my own business, it helped me to stay focused. It didn't necessarily go over well with the HR folks -not being a team player and all, but it helped me do what I needed to do and helped me produce enough that my "not playing well with others" issue was overlooked. I've always felt that the only diffeence between being self employed and having someone else's logo on your card while selling was that someone else wrote the check. So your points are a great reminder

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