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“I just wanted [to] drop you a line and say that I’ve been following your blog for some time and really enjoy reading your articles. I’m always on the lookout for new blogs to follow and yours is definitely one of the best ones I’ve come across so far. We’ve recently posted a blog article on some of the best sales techniques and wanted to let you know that we mentioned your post ‘The Power of Compliments‘ in the text. You listed some brilliant tips – we kept nodding along as we were reading it – and I’m sure our readers will appreciate it.” – Ashley Andrews with Activia Training

“Chris, great job! Yes, too many people preying on the fear of prospecting.” – Art Sobczak

“This is a great article. Self-motivation is one of the major factors in maintaining super- stardom” – Daniel Milstein

“Thanks for the awesome sales blog articles and videos. I plan on reading watching them often. Best!” – Tim Whiteman

“This is some great advice, many businesses fall behind competition that is more “tech savy” then they are.” – Jacob Tanner

“You are a wealth of information and a great resource to not only myself but the sales community…” – Chad Skidmore

“Great blog… “Lotts” of great information and perspective and I will make a point to keep up with your posts.” – Ryan Larsen

“Chris has become an icon in sales thought and insight.” – Craig Kawamura

“Wow – great information here! I am new to Twitter, so I am going to start using these tools and resources.” – Marilyn Hillyer

“You did a great job as our keynote at the Business and Technology Symposium.” – Scott Dike

“Chris… that you take the time to share the wisdom you have gained through trial and error. Thank you” – Tamara Toscas

“I am excited to have found your site. It has answered many of my questions about my own company.” – Fawn Morgan

“This article has a very unique solution… that all marketers can learn from. I like your style, Chris.” – Wynn Currie

“Something has been holding my business back and reading just that one article told me why.” – Kathleen Lupole

“Love your website, great resource.” – Shaun Lindbergh

“Good article, you definitely clear away some of the smoke and mirrors for the uninitiated.” – Hinsel Scott

“You are right on!” – Ben Barnwell

“Like your stuff, a lot. It is so easy to comprehend and makes oodles of sense.” – Tony Donnelly

“I really like the personal touch and writing from your experience.” – Dan McComb

“I really like your site lottspace (SalesBlog!). I have started using some of the advice you give.” – Kyle (kalda)

“Thank you for the refreshing content. Spoken like a true professional!” – Chi Hoffmann

“Once again, a very well-written (and so true) article. Great stuff!” – Cyn Reneau

“I really like and try to use or implement many of the ideas that you publish on lottspace (SalesBlog!).” – Mark Batchelder

“I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and I share your articles from time to time with my firm.” – Laurie Barrera

‘”Great info. Thanks for being so candid and offering sound advice.” – Anthony Zelinko

“I honestly appreciate your articles. They are so helpful and informative.” – Miina Holloway