Race to Zero

Race to Zero – Business Profits and Consumer Savings.

There is such a fine line between business profits and consumer savings. As a business owner, it is so easy to go down the egomaniac path of “win every deal at all costs”. Consumers typically don’t care if you make money and push for every dollar of savings adding to this dilemma. It really can become a race to zero and possibly a death knell for your business. So what do you do to stay in the game with reasonable profits for business continuity?

Sell and Forget Customer Service.

My wife needed a new vehicle due to medical issues. She was in Seattle for the operation. I had a week before I needed to get the vehicle to her. The mini-van needed detailed, rear bumper repaired, leather and heated seats added, and floor mats. I paid what they asked and was pre-approved. Pretty easy sale. While signing the papers I was asked to take the vehicle now and then bring back later. I resisted as this was inconvenient and unnecessary. I just wanted to pick it up when all the work was finished. Ultimately I was convinced to take it now.

setting goals

Setting Goals for Non Goal Setters.

Like clockwork, every year end, I have this gnawing at my subconscious that I should develop some sort of personal and professional direction for the new year. I fret and stew over what these elusive goals should be many times giving up on this endeavor all together in frustration. I’m terrible at setting goals! How about you?