1. Jully Huang said:

    Yes, I just graduated from college last year.
    Thought there should be many supports/trainings from my company.
    Which turns out to be all learn by yourself.
    This is such a great website to learn things.
    Thanks, Chris, for your sharing.

  2. Marc said:


    I’m new to your blog but have been in sales for the past 20 years. The last 10 of which have been with family owned company that sells heavy equipment to the construction industry. Needless to say the past two years have been severely challenging. This year is off to a great start and is continually improving. However my wife is having a tough time with understanding the low income especially from 2010. Any advice you could impart to help me ease her worries would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and Best of Luck.


    • said:

      I think its harder on the spouse than on us many times. They don’t get to see/feel the activity changing/increasing so they’re left with emotions based on past experience. I have found when I’m open about my pipeline/activity and explain that with enough activity, no matter what the economy is like, I WILL be successful! my wife gets behind me. She becomes my cheerleader and tells me to get my behind out there and sell my heart out. I always make my wife my partner in anything I do and that goes for my career as well.

  3. said:

    You hit the nail on the head. It feels like yesterday I was that 'kid' wanting a shot at an outside sales position – I had no idea what I was getting myself into – but that was the first sale to make – convincing somebody to give me the opportunity. There's a lot of similarities in the job hunt and the opportunity itself: rejection, closed doors but if you persist somebody will give you a shot eventually. With that perspective; if the sales candidate is overly discouraged by the hunt, maybe they should be looking for someting else… because they haven't seen anything yet.

    Great article, Chris. Keep doing what you're doing.

    All the best,

    Mike Hohn

  4. Tamara Toscas said:

    Excellent is what comes to mind!

  5. said:

    Great article Chris. I have lived on commission based sales for over 20 years and you are right, there is so much more to selling then what engineers and newcomers see on the surface. A few vital lessons I learned along the way to being a successful sales professional are;

    a) Work harder on yourself than you do on your job. You are your own private corporation, so be diligent in investing and building your corporations(yourself)image.

    b) Product knowledge is simply semantics, you can teach any monkey the details of a product to repeat, but learning the skills to discover and/or create a need, then convey that vision to others (who will have very different and varied personality types) is a true hard earned skill.

    c) Sell by day that you may sleep well by night. over a long career, I guarantee you that things go full circle. That little guy you stiffed ten years ago might be the CEO you need to meet with tomorrow. Which leads to…

    d) Treat every women like the Queen of England and every man like the Prince of Whales because you never know who you may actually be speaking with. An ancient Greek historian Herodotus said "I will write of all things great and all things small, for what is now great may one day be small and what is now small may one day be great".

    e) You need to be self assured and self motivated but never be cocky, you will win sometimes that way but it always comes back to roost.

    f) get up everyday and say, what will i do today to promote business tomorrow, then do at minimum at least one thing.

    g) Finally, never think about the money. As Kenny Rogers would sing in the Gambler, 'never count your money while your sitting at the table'. Do the job you said you would, take care of the client first, over deliver and the money will take care of itself.

    If your not there yet, then fake it till you make it. Be sincere, act with integrity and make your life goal simple, that when you die there will be nobody happy about it.

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