Stop Using a Sales Pitch!

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While I never profess to offer a “silver bullet” for winning more deals… developing a remarkable message actually comes close. Let’s face it… products and service offerings all start to look alike and my guess is yours, and your sales pitch, is no exception. Why would a customer pick you and your offering over another? Price? While most customers will tell you price is their driving reason my experience has been it’s always more than just that.


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Have you ever paid more for something or simply didn’t shop around before you made your purchase? I have because my perception was that this item would fit my needs and my salesmen understood what that was. But even more important than that I had built an instant relationship with him or her. How did that happen?

All Sales professionals tell their potential customers that they and their products are the best. They have references. They are the experts. And so on… While believing in yourself and your product or service is a must does it really differentiate you from others saying the same thing about themselves? Then what is your deferentiator or “remarkable message”?

“As soon as you can say what you think, and not what some other person has thought for you, you are on your way to being a remarkable man.” – James Matthew Barrie

What could you tell someone that would have you stand out from the others? Think about it. What have you accomplished that was extraordinary? Maybe not in the position you currently hold but somewhere in either your career or personal life where you’ve stepped up? Amazingly this can be pretty tough. Most likely you can easily expound about your clubs and organizations you belong to. Who you know and who they know. And so on… Unfortunately, that’s still not a remarkable message. Let me give you an example of a great remarkable message.

One of my salesman had been in a wreck years ago. He now has a limp and is slow to respond otherwise a very talented person. In a one on one he explained to me that he was frustrated with his sales pitch. “It never comes out smooth.” I asked him about his recovery from his accident. Surprised he explained that he made a great recovery against all odds. I told him, “You know… people are going to always wonder whats wrong with you when they meet you for the first time. Tell them this story. This is your remarkable message and it will set them at ease.”

While the example above was not an accomplishment in business it did show the tenacity and drive of this salesperson. He also had some great examples with previous customers where these talents were apparent. How can a competing sales person compete with his remarkable message? They can’t and that’s the point.

Do yourself a huge favor and get this into your sales presentation. Make it personal and pertinent. Differentiate yourself with a Remarkable Message!

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  1. Okay, I am thinking on this today. I have never been in an accident but live a different lifestyle than most people. I wonder if that could be my sales edge? I will see what I come up with. Thanks again for the info!

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