Facebook Networking and Hell No!

You’ve finally built a relationship with a potential customer and are getting pretty chummy. Thinking a social media customer connection is a great next step you start in with… “Hey let’s connect” you say. “Great!, LinkedIn?” says the customer. “No, I was thinking Facebook networking.” you blurt out. Silence [cricket noise]. Things just got awkward. Why?


Fire Him? But He Just Had a Stroke!

I have experienced, first hand, employer decisions in regards to further employment with stroke victim employees… more specifically managers. What a moral dilemma it was for both sides. Employer… What if your manager had one? How would you handle their continued employment?

Sell and Forget Customer Service.

My wife needed a new vehicle due to medical issues. She was in Seattle for the operation. I had a week before I needed to get the vehicle to her. The mini-van needed detailed, rear bumper repaired, leather and heated seats added, and floor mats. I paid what they asked and was pre-approved. Pretty easy sale. While signing the papers I was asked to take the vehicle now and then bring back later. I resisted as this was inconvenient and unnecessary. I just wanted to pick it up when all the work was finished. Ultimately I was convinced to take it now.

time management

Time Management Success.

Is time management really possible in a chaotic sales environment? Meetings, events, training, proposals, contracts, and the list goes on and on. Then, as if that’s not enough, you’re hit with the last minute “stop everything and deal with it” issues. At the end of the week, reviewing what you did, once again you’ve failed in getting crucial prospecting activity completed. Why does this keep happening? More importantly, what can you do about it?