Six Myths in Hiring a Senior Sales Professional.

As a member of this elite group I thought it might be time to voice a slightly prejudiced opinion on the subject. I have always, and am currently; self training, putting in long days, and I always become the “go-to” guy for answers and solutions. I am a highly competitive sales producer and wrap my arms around the latest in technologies and offerings to help me win. So why is there hesitancy to hire a senior sales professional? Isn’t this the prerequisite of the ideal candidate typically? Am I so different? Are you?

great salesperson

Great Salesperson or Good Salesperson?

I was in a meeting the other day and a long time friend and I were talking about a mutual acquaintance and fellow sales professional. I could tell my friend was genuinely impressed with this person. He asked me what I thought about her. I explained “while she is definitely a good solid salesperson she’s not a great salesperson in my eyes”. This came as a complete surprise to my colleague. He then asked “then what is a great salesperson to you?”


Facebook Networking and Hell No!

You’ve finally built a relationship with a potential customer and are getting pretty chummy. Thinking a social media customer connection is a great next step you start in with… “Hey let’s connect” you say. “Great!, LinkedIn?” says the customer. “No, I was thinking Facebook networking.” you blurt out. Silence [cricket noise]. Things just got awkward. Why?


Fire Him? But He Just Had a Stroke!

I have experienced, first hand, employer decisions in regards to further employment with stroke victim employees… more specifically managers. What a moral dilemma it was for both sides. Employer… What if your manager had one? How would you handle their continued employment?