kindle fire

Top 10 Business Apps – Kindle Fire.

As one of the original 5+ million that purchased the Kindle Fire a new tablet love affair has transpired. I now own 3, one for each member of my family, and they’re perfect to carry around for all our personal and business duties. The later being a huge unexpected surprise. Below are 10 sales and business applications that I recommend.

So You Want to Be a Sales Professional.

Fresh out of college or looking for a new career path? Maybe you’re thinking a B2B (business to business) sales, account manager, account executive position sounds like the path to success for you. Fantastic! I mean why not… You can work the hours you want and the money just flows in. Have a couple of slick pitches and people melt like butter to sign the dotted line. Right? Wrong! We should probably discuss what being a salesperson, sales professional, is really all about before you make this move.

Sales Driven

What Does it Mean to be Driven?

What does it mean to be driven? To have drive? Is it important to sales success? Where does it come from? Can it be taught? One of the hardest challenges as a sales manager is hiring great talent. Even after multiple interviews, sales evaluation exams, and impeccable references contacted a less than hire can still happen. What makes them less than? I can sum this up in one word, Drive.