Integrity Selling

Integrity Selling.

So… You’re working your behind off and doing all the “right things” to only have one of your more unsavory teammates annihilate your sales numbers and become the new board leader. To make matters worse they’re notorious for saying/doing anything to make a sale and all that implies. Where’s the “what goes around, comes around”? Where’s the integrity selling?


Is Your Sales Training Boring?

Their eyes were rolling and yawns appearing. They were bored. I was getting impatient and could not understand why they weren’t grasping the “pearls” that I was presenting. Their answers were off point and my responses became short and edgy. Each training had less and less impact. My sales training had gone flat.


The Power of Compliments.

Who doesn’t want to be recognized and complimented? I can tell you I do. My guess is so do you. One of the greatest tools for a manager, business owner, and/or sales professional to use is to sincerely offer compliments. A tool not easily understood by most and typically not used. Why?

performance reviews

Performance Reviews and Other Corporate Bull.

You receive an email from your direct manager that you’re up for a annual appraisal of your work. Heart stops, anxiety sets in. The dreaded day comes and the performance reviews begin. You soon realize that any disagreement with what is being said is futile no matter how empathetic the manager sounds. Survival mode ensues and a “I just want to get through it” mentality takes over. Sound familiar?