Virtual Business Relationships.

Building relationships is nothing new to sales and business. Social media marketing is. To be able to build a long-lasting business relationship over the web is hard. Some would say impossible. I don’t agree.


8 Must Have Twitter Apps.

Are you looking for a way to market yourself, your company, without a tremendous amount of cost and time? Is this really possible? By simply adding twitter to your sales/marketing process and using the applications described in this article it is not only possible but can be accomplished quick and easy.


Get Healthy and Increase Sales.

I have recently found myself dealing with health issues. Suddenly, like a car that wasn’t maintained well, my “warning lamp” has started to glow and I’ve had to “pull over”. For some time now tenacity has been my instrument towards achieving personal and career goals regardless of aches and pains. It seems that’s simply not enough any longer. How did I get to this point?