first 90 days as a sales manager

First 90 Days As a Sales Manager.

You just went through the painful process of interviewing for a new sales manager position and have finally scored a great position. Throughout the process you made promises and presented your capabilities persuasively. Now you’re sitting at your new desk and you realize it’s time to put your money where your mouth was. Oh crap!

Highs and Lows of Sales.

If you’re like most sales professionals you’re a workaholic. The highs and lows of sales is ever present. While you might not be in the office all the time… you’re taking emails, text messages, answering phone calls, and/or working on your home PC around the clock. I will have at least 3 different projects going on at any one time. This is the minimum requirement to make it anymore, right? Companies don’t think in terms of an 8 to 5 employee/manager. Most managers and owners are expecting this of themselves as well. It’s a tough market and you need to put in the time. For some the cost can be high however.

Stop Using a Sales Pitch!

While I never profess to offer a “silver bullet” for winning more deals… developing a remarkable message actually comes close. Let’s face it… products and service offerings all start to look alike and my guess is yours, and your sales pitch, is no exception. Why would a customer pick you and your offering over another? Price? While most customers will tell you price is their driving reason my experience has been it’s always more than just that.

holistic approach

Holistic Approach to Technology Sales.

You’ve probably been in the same demonstrations I have where the presenter shows product after product with no apparent goal or target. Sometimes these presentations even get disguised as a “design session”. It’s like they’re telling themselves “If I throw enough information their way they’ll buy something, anything!” A better approach is needed… a simple holistic approach.