Overcome Sales Objections.

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I have offered products that would literally save customers 1000’s of dollars monthly to have them still say no. Why?

Pain Avoidance
It is important to understand that we all have an inherit desire to avoid pain. If the “no brainer” sale is not happening, then somewhere in this potential customers past, they have felt “pain” with a decision. No amount of savings will make sense to them. Our fundamental decision processes are really based on pain-pleasure. When our prospects say no to our offer what they are really saying is it’s just too painful. The heart always rules the mind and people typically make their decisions based on emotions.


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What Sales Objections Really Mean

    Cost of Change – “At that price I can live with my current solution”
    Learning Curve – “I just don’t have the time and energy”
    Looking Stupid – “No one ever got fired for buying xyz”
    Trust – “You’ll tell me whatever I want to hear”
    Uncomfortable – “I’m working with someone else”

Pain can take many forms. Many times it is extremely hard to root out what it is. As an example… In an effort to get an opportunity moving forward I made a call to a customer that had said no to our offer. Note: The sales man had told me it was price. I asked her if she thought the product would solve her companies issues. She said the product was not the problem. Probing further I asked if the price was an issue then. “Yes” was the answer. Simple objection to overcome… “Our price is pretty aggressive already but somehow if I could get a lower price… we would have a deal?” Not so amazingly she said no and then confessed what the real issue was. She didn’t feel “comfortable” with my sales person because he was “too nice, too friendly” and she was uncomfortable with that. It was too painful (uncomfortable) for her.

Fortunately my salesman was smart enough to know that something wasn’t right and asked me to call this potential customer. I was able to get an appointment in the above call. I had no silver bullet. In this case trust and being uncomfortable were the issue. She just needed to talk with someone else.

Challenge their Sales Objections – Root out the Real Issue
No can mean so many things. “You’re too much money” is never the only reason. Here are some very simple basics in overcoming the dreaded no:

    1. Be Credible
    2. Ask questions
    3. Challenge their objection

Make sure that you have offered a correct solution that makes sense to their company and bottom line. If they object ask why and then follow up with a challenge to that objection. “It seemed like you agreed that my solution would help and save your company money.” “I know you said that you needed to wait… Can I ask why?” “Other than that issue is there any other reason we can’t move forward.”

With the right solution – credible, asking good probing questions, and challenging their objections you will not only be able to close the deal but will build a solid customer relationship.

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