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Mobile Presentation and Cloud Sales Tools.

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Virtual sales presentations, or webinars, have become critical to today’s sales success. We are a virtual cloud society after all. You need to be able to give a convincing virtual presentation that you can finalize online to be competitive. The potential client expects no less.


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Mobile presentations are fast becoming just as critical. Can you present your product using the latest mobile tools? Do you even know what the tools are? The Gen X,Y, and Z generations do. Your competition most likely does as well.

Here are some tips and tools that I have used successfully through trial and error after doing literally hundreds of virtual and mobile presentations.

Virtual Presentations – Webinars

1.) My first bit of advice would be to always present with a live video headshot of yourself if possible. Invite the viewer to do the same. I can not stress this enough. If a viewer can see you and your passion the better. Displaying only the powerpoint does not have the same impact.

Tip: Make sure your desktop background and the background (behind your head) looks professional.

2.) Are you familiar with the presentation software? Software like WebEx, GoToMeeting and MightyMeeting take some practice to get proficient with.

3.) Do you have all the presentation items open on your desktop ready for anything that comes up during the presentation. There is nothing worse than having to wait for a program to start or for the presenter finding a file to open.

4.) Have you practiced showing your product live in a webinar setting? It’s different than sitting in front of them. Many times it’s tough to tell if they’re accepting what you’re saying.

Tip: Here’s something that I do that has helped with a virtual presentation. Stop periodically and ask them questions. This a great way to see if you’re getting through. If they say things like “it looks like the other product we saw” or “it is pretty much the same as what we have today” you’re in trouble. You should always make the presentation specific to their needs if at all possible.

5.) Make sure everything is working prior to the presentation. Is your internet connection working properly is a big one. Give yourself a little time here. Many a virtual presentation has died due to not making sure there were no issues prior to the meeting. To trouble shoot in front of the viewer is suicide.

Mobile Presentations

I, like most of you, would lug my laptop out in the field in a computer bag looking a little like I was moving in. I stopped doing that and now bring my tablet instead. I have my powerpoints, pictures, and links to live software demonstrations ready to go locally at an instant. Again I make sure I have internet access (if needed) either through a provider, the customers WiFi, or I can use my smartphone as a hotspot. Prepared.

Tip: Make sure you bring a power cord as these guys go through the juice pretty quickly.

As my screen is smaller (10.1 inch) I have made some adjustments to my PowerPoint presentation. Not as much info on each screen with larger font sizes.

Potential clients are always impressed that I can easily present my cloud solution at a moments notice. I literally walk in with my tablet only. I can present, take notes, and send emails instantly. I am perceived as efficient, on the ball, and that I get the latest technology. Great first impression.

Everytime I bring up smartphones as a presentation tool I get raised eyebrows and looks like I’m nuts. I would have done the same thing until I found MightMeeting. It’s such a great tool in a pinch.

Have your presentation in the MightyMeeting cloud and then all the viewer has to do is go to MightyMeeting’s website. They type in the “room” name you provided and they are good to go. Simple, easy and fast. The part I really like is I can control the presentation through my smartphone and it’s broadband connection. Mobility at it’s finest and definitely some major cool factor. I can literally be anywhere and control the meeting presentation.

Online Signatures

So now you have ability to knock their virtual socks off. How about getting them to sign? Here are two major players in this arena.



Upload a contract (agreement) in pdf format… tag where you want it signed and send it to the customer. Simple and easy and 100% virtual.

Isn’t it time you started using the latest tools to become a more efficient closer? Keep your cloud presentation short and to the point. Have everything ready and specific. You will find that virtual or mobile presentations are a great way to increase your professionalism and closing percentage.

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  1. Thanks. Another excellent idea is that if you have a technical resource presenting on the web, be onsite yourself if possible so you can help guide the conversation and ensure customer pain points are being addressed.

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