Highs and Lows of Sales.

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If you’re like most sales professionals you’re a workaholic. The highs and lows of sales is ever present. While you might not be in the office all the time… you’re taking emails, text messages, answering phone calls, and/or working on your home PC around the clock. I will have at least 3 different projects going on at any one time. This is the minimum requirement to make it anymore, right? Companies don’t think in terms of an 8 to 5 employee/manager. Most managers and owners are expecting this of themselves as well. It’s a tough market and you need to put in the time. For some the cost can be high however.


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The successes drive us and the failures challenge us. We push along until a kink in our plan comes along. This can take many forms and usually does. Family, friends, health, finances, changes, and/or death can be a contributor. The last was mine.

Linda was an employee of mine a few years ago. I’m not going to kid you she was a handful to manage but she was also a caring person with a big heart. I knew Linda some 5-6 years earlier as well through my support of a product her company was selling. While I don’t know all the details somehow she ended up alone with limited family contact. She had focused her energies on work and work had become her identity. With the announcement of her death it really hit me and made me reflect.

Highs and Lows of Sales

“We underestimate our influence in this world.” – Chris Lott

Those that have never been on a sales commission plan really don’t understand the personal toll this can take on someone. Sales success can look so glamorous, feel so satisfying, and is… most times.

Like I have always said; “Anyone can sell something… Do it day in and day out for years… successfully… then you can honestly hold the title of sales professional”.

Work an entire month, 14-16 hour days, 6-7 days a week, to face your family with a minimum wage paycheck for your efforts and you’ll understand what feeling low really means. Sales highs and lows are an everyday occurrence. Many choose “self-medication” to get through these challenges. I don’t know that this was what caused Linda’s passing but I am sure it was a contributor. I do know that it never ends well.

Life Success

“No matter what happens to us we can achieve our moment of greatness whatever that means to each of us individually – Shouldn’t that be part of our life experience?” – Chris Lott

Addictions of all kinds are found in any industry but possibly more prevalent in sales. Work can easily become one. It simply cannot be your only goal in life. You need other venues. Having a great work ethic is always a positive but to mingle it with “healthy” activities is tremendously better. Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual and all they encompass should be goals in your life as well. A faith-based organization, walk or jog daily, and read good thought provoking books can help with being a well-grounded individual and in almost all cases a better salesperson, manager, and owner.

Linda will be missed. Her mannerisms, thoughts, and presence can never be replaced again. I am going to make sure that I learn from her and achieve my career and more importantly my life success to its fullest.

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5 thoughts on “Highs and Lows of Sales.

  1. Thanks for the article. As you know, I voluntarily elected to walk away from the General Manager's position for a large office of a telecommunications company.

    Walking away from a well paying, well earned career path was not an easy thing to do. In fact, it could not have been done without the help and support of my wife and family.

    I am following my passion, I am having the time of my life and if I were to leave the earth today, I would be able to say that I finally feel fulfilled and happy. I have a lot of living left to do, but now I live it with anticipation and passion.

    Thanks Chris!

  2. The question of balance is always a good place to start. Chris' suggestions regarding spiritual, physical, and intellectual stimulus is right on, but there is a huge human need for personal validation. I've found that in my life, I'm able to compartmentalize my focus. When I play with the kids, they get my complete attention. When I talk with my wife, I actually listen and interact with her. Anything short of that could be blamed on a workaholic personality, but in reality I'd chalk it up to a lifestyle in-balance. Women are much better multi-taskers than men. That's a fact. As a result, men don't usually multi task. No, what they do is compartmentalize their tasks. This task gets 100% of my attention for 5 minutes, then that task gets 100% for ten minutes. You already do it at work; now do it at home. Don't answer your emails, twitter, and phone when you are supposed to be spending quality time with your loved ones. Instead, let them know that you will need to take a connectivity break in an hour and that it should last 10-15 minutes. You wouldn't answer your phone in a sales meeting, you would wait until you were in your car. Our family and friends deserve the same treatment and respect.

    When we fail that, we fail to validate that they have meaning in our lives and in fact we fall into the trap of a fading relationship. Great salesmen know how to keep a relationship alive. They have to to sell. Ok, then go sell yourself to the one's you love and don't ever stop, because the product (you) is always changing. Hopefully for the better.

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