Give Me a Smile.

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As I was watching my son practice wrestling I overheard his coach say something quite profound. He stopped the match and demanded the attention of my son’s competitor and said “smile, this is supposed to be fun… remember?” Wow… inspirational and for me motivational.


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Years ago I had a close call. Turned grey, no detectable pulse, looked like I was out for the count. A pivotal point in my life that made me reconsider my current path. I needed to smell the proverbial roses… to prioritize what’s important… and for heaven’s sake I needed to be happy and smile more! “Remember Chris… Life is supposed to be fun!” has entered my thoughts on many an occasion since then.

Overhearing the coach that day was a re-awakening for me. It made me want to renew my convictions that were set in play years ago. Convictions I know are critical towards my happiness and ultimate personal/career success. Let me share…

Smile and Win Sales

It really is time to smile!
We live in an incredible time. For most of us our disposable income is at an all time high! Freedoms, choices, and learning opportunities are being offered at a level never before heard of in history. These are happy times… right? Unfortunately when I look around… I’m not seeing happy. Where are the smiles? Why aren’t we having fun?

I, like most of you, have self-imposed a work ethic that is neither healthy nor right. In the guise of “being responsible” we have scheduled our personal and business lives so tight that we never really give ourselves a true shot at a smile. Oh don’t get me wrong… there are the “moments” when we feel “all is right with the world” and a glimmer of a smile appears ever so briefly. Unfortunately they can be the exception and not the rule.

This “being responsible” direction, while it seems like your progressing, can actually hinder the very thing you’re trying to accomplish. You see… we get so wound tight that performance becomes less than, attitudes are edgy, and long-term focus is almost impossible. You can’t see the forest for the trees any longer. Not a great recipe for success and being happy is it? Make a change. Consider this…

It’s good for you!
You can google “laughing” or “smiling” and you’ll find article after article on how these simple acts are extremely good for you. They can improve your health, lower your stress levels, and help with your first impression. What sales professional doesn’t want better health, stress and first impressions? We all do! And it’s so easy. We just need to start smiling!

“A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks.” – Charles Gordy

Focus on the positive.
We all have something and/or someone that can make us smile. Build on that. For example… my son makes me smile. When I think of something he’s said or done I smile and sometimes laugh. I also feel very good (positive) when that happens. So… I now make sure I spend some positive quality time with him and I now smile a lot more. The added bonus is he and I want to do more together. I want to do more in general. I feel motivated to do more with my life. This interaction is incredibly powerful. I would suggest that this is a recipe for not only your personal successes but for your sales career successes as well. I realize there are times in life when it’s pretty tough to stay positive and smile. With that said…

“A smile is the universal welcome.” – Max Eastman

You can overcome!
To take these tough times and turn them around there needs to be reflection and then action. This also applies in becoming the best at anything you do… sales, management, family, hobby, or whatever. You need to take time to make a personal evaluation, to take stock, of where you’re at in your life. Then focus on the positives. Build on them. This is critical! My sons coach understood this and so should you.

You’ll be amazed on how a simple smile can help your sales career and your personal life. Come on… give me a smile!

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