Facebook Networking and Hell No!

You’ve finally built a relationship with a potential customer and are getting pretty chummy. Thinking a social media customer connection is a great next step you start in with… “Hey let’s connect” you say. “Great!, LinkedIn?” says the customer. “No, I was thinking Facebook networking.” you blurt out. Silence [cricket noise]. Things just got awkward. Why?

Social Media a Waste of Time.

Somewhere along the way sales professionals thought they had found the infamous “silver bullet” for sales success. “If I just Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin I will have thousands of sales easily!” Question… when has marketing using email, faxing, or mailers ever worked that way? Isn’t social media the same? You’re return will always be fractions of a percent for the effort. Always has, always will be… and you know what? That’s o.k. So, Is social media a waste of time?

cloud compute

Technology Impact on Business.

Two of my favorite subjects are technology and business. It was, of course, destiny that an article on this subject would transpire. The idea began with a keynote presentation that I gave to a room full of CFO’s and IT Directors. It just made sense to share with a larger audience.


LinkedIn Dirty Little Secrets.

As an earlier adopter and loyal (paying) LinkedIn fan I believe that in general LinkedIn has their act together. They have offered a wonderful venue for professional networking never before seen. I am extremely active with this tool and will continue to be so. With that said, however, there are a couple of penalty items that can cripple how you work with LinkedIn that for the life of me I can’t figure out why LinkedIn does them.