4 Tips for Killer Voicemail.

When left with no choice but to leave a message… Do you leave an impromptu message? Or even worse… Do you simply put the phone down and hang up, expecting to catch that prospect at a later time? If so… Why? Do you believe voicemail’s a waste of time? I have a question for you… Is it leaving a voicemail that’s a waste of time or could it be the voicemail you’re leaving? Let’s make sure it’s not the later.

selling services

Selling Services. It Still Takes a Call.

In an effort to market my new services business I have embraced digital marketing in a big way. Selling services using social media venues, websites, blog posts, email campaigns and more I am connecting with tens of thousands regularly. I have made some tremendous progress with these endeavors. I have also come to realize that it still takes a call (or two or three) to make a sale. Why is that?


How to Motivate. You can’t.

We are all trying to stay motivated, motivating others, right? Training, meetings, one on ones, rewards, bonuses, spiffs and the list goes on. We even go to the negative with imposed pressure, tensions and ultimatums to motivate. How has that worked for you? Long-term? If you’re like me it didn’t. I needed to change something. Was it me or them? And then it hit me… everyone is already motivated.

decision maker

Get to the Decision Maker.

A salesman on my team was foot-blitzing one afternoon. Entering one of many small businesses that day he was greeted by a “lets get rid of this guy” employee. As my salesman was about to leave… a salesperson from their company pipes up and offers to meet with us. She asked who the decision maker was and called me. Her offer was to listen to our offering if we would listen to hers. I am truly impressed!