change stripes

It’s Never Too Late to Change Your Stripes.

I would wake up in the morning feeling like someone ran over me with a truck. “Why am I not retired and sleeping in?”, I would say to myself. Here I was in my 50’s working 12 to 14 hour days and quite honestly a little burnt out on what I was doing at some level. I pop in the shower, caffeinate a little and, of course, putting that negativity aside was the first business of the day. Sound familiar? It was time to change my stripes.


Understand Your Opportunities!

How do you feel about your sales career so far? Do you feel exploited, disappointed, or even depressed with your current situation. When you took your job, at first, did it feel like an opportunity to get ahead, get to that next level, but now it seems less than. On the other hand, possibly you feel you’ve never really received any breaks, any opportunities, in your career. You’re stuck with a job… a means to an end for a paycheck.


Are You Getting Promoted?

Many times companies fill executive and management positions from outside the company and not promote from within. They are convinced that their chances of success rests with “new blood” hires. Fresh perspectives and action items are the elements they are looking for. These outside hires are not labeled with past issues and same thinking stereotyping.


Get Healthy and Increase Sales.

I have recently found myself dealing with health issues. Suddenly, like a car that wasn’t maintained well, my “warning lamp” has started to glow and I’ve had to “pull over”. For some time now tenacity has been my instrument towards achieving personal and career goals regardless of aches and pains. It seems that’s simply not enough any longer. How did I get to this point?