subject matter expert

Why You Need a Subject Matter Expert.

In my past life I was a pre-sales engineer and the resident subject matter expert or SME before it was called that. I was one of those rare birds that could sell and build solutions. I could be “salesy” if needed or as technical as it gets. I also, as a left and right brainier, could ascertain some of the trending marketing directions easily to become instrumental in helping the sales team focus their efforts accordingly. This last part turned out to be more important, or at least as important, as understanding how the product actually worked.


What is Crowdsourcing?

Years before it was penned crowdsourcing by Jeff Howe in Wired Magazine I was involved with this concept and watched it work quite well. A friend’s small car dealership was looking for a new jingle for their radio ads. Instead of hiring a marketing company (or using an internal employee) they put the word out that anyone in Austin could submit a jingle and the winner would receive $1000 bucks! The response was incredible and the jingle is still being used 20+ years later. A key ingredient to this success was the location as Austin TX was/is packed full of singer songwriters. We’ll talk more about that later.


9 Ways to Get Around SPAM filters.

After signing up for a couple of lead generation websites lo and behold leads started appearing in my inbox. I had read earlier on their site that I should make contact immediately through email and a phone call. I decided to build an email that would be like none other. I added my company’s history as well as mine. So far so good… but now the creative juices were starting to flow. I put a coupon in it and of course tweaking my signature for that lasting impression. Embed our BBB and my LinkedIn link with image buttons they could click on. I leaned back and was well pleased.