What is Crowdsourcing?

Years before it was penned crowdsourcing by Jeff Howe in Wired Magazine I was involved with this concept and watched it work quite well. A friend’s small car dealership was looking for a new jingle for their radio ads. Instead of hiring a marketing company (or using an internal employee) they put the word out that anyone in Austin could submit a jingle and the winner would receive $1000 bucks! The response was incredible and the jingle is still being used 20+ years later. A key ingredient to this success was the location as Austin TX was/is packed full of singer songwriters. We’ll talk more about that later.


9 Ways to Get Around SPAM filters.

After signing up for a couple of lead generation websites lo and behold leads started appearing in my inbox. I had read earlier on their site that I should make contact immediately through email and a phone call. I decided to build an email that would be like none other. I added my company’s history as well as mine. So far so good… but now the creative juices were starting to flow. I put a coupon in it and of course tweaking my signature for that lasting impression. Embed our BBB and my LinkedIn link with image buttons they could click on. I leaned back and was well pleased.

Save Your Business.

I was in a retail toy store the other day and the owner randomly asked me what I thought he could do to improve his sales. He is leasing a nice store front in a small strip mall but off the beaten path. I told him that his location sucked. He looked shocked but ultimately agreed. I also told him that that’s OK. “I have successfully run plenty of retail store fronts in lousy locations.” I assumed he got a screaming deal on the lease and he had.