Sales Training and Your State of Mind

Sales Training and Your State of Mind.

Anyone that has sold for any length of time has developed comfortable sales habits. So… when a trainer or manager comes in and offers a new way to increase sales… they may not see the sales training value. They start into a diatribe of exception examples of why the new training idea won’t work for them. Irritating and short sighted.

Activity Before Sales Leads. KPI For Success.

I’m a big fan of tracking performance metrics, in-depth and granular. I’m talking about much more than just tracking sales leads, appointments and opportunities however. I monitor actual daily activity that rewarded a salesperson with sales leads in the first place. Where did the lead come from? What activity was performed to get that lead? Are the sales leads quality? I want to know what is working to produce qualified leads. Here’s why.


Do You Know How to Fire Someone? Really?

One of my top sales people had been missing for a couple of days and hadn’t called in sick. I called his home and cell with no luck. Around the third day his dad called and wanted to talk to me. This was kind of odd but I accepted and we met. He told me his son had prostate cancer and didn’t want anyone to know. Of course I was concerned and advised him to have his son take all the time off needed just keep in touch periodically. He agreed. Unfortunately, about two weeks later, I found out he was working for our competition. Maybe it was time to fire someone?

first 90 days as a sales manager

First 90 Days As a Sales Manager.

You just went through the painful process of interviewing for a new sales manager position and have finally scored a great position. Throughout the process you made promises and presented your capabilities persuasively. Now you’re sitting at your new desk and you realize it’s time to put your money where your mouth was. Oh crap!