You Changed My Pay Plan

You Changed My Pay Plan?

You survive the multiple interview processes for a new company sales position. They choose you out of the many that applied. Pumped, you now go over the pay plan presented and like any sales professional worth their weight in salt figure how to make money using it. Good money. So you put the plan to test and you start nailing it. As a matter of fact you’re blowing away your quota and hitting major bonuses! Pat on the back and kudos are made. For a time things are awesome. Then you hear the rumor at the end of the year that there might be some changes made. And, sure enough, before the first of the new year you’re presented with a new pay plan change. What the heck?


Ramp Up Sales People in Less Than Thirty Days!

You made the decision to replace or bring on new sales talent. Maybe the last hire or group of hires didn’t go so well. Your company’s financial gurus will not accept the costs of bad hires and slow ramp up sales people. You’ve been given lofty goals to attain and you have no time, or patience, for “non-starters”. This time it has to be done right. Period.



DIY Sales Education.

DIY sales education is something that I believe eludes many new sales people and even some seasoned sales “pros”. They just don’t see themselves proactively self-learning. It’s hard for them to fathom that there is a certain amount of responsibility on their part to self-educate for success.


Motivation through Profanity.

Isn’t cursing by a manager, CEO, employee, or even a small business owner simply showing that they’re passionate about their work? That the use of foul language enforces needed emphasis and motivation to others? Many think so… What do you think?

How did you feel when in a meeting, in a one on one, or just overhearing a supervisor using foul language to drive a point home? Did it really do that?