job hunting

Job Hunting Sucks and What to Do About It.

I’m cruising along thinking things are going well when a call comes into my office. “Chris, can you come see me”. Entering my bosses office I can immediately sense this is not going to be a normal meeting. I am right. After the “you have been laid-off” statement my mind went numb. Wow, I did not see that coming. They didn’t replace my position and I received a wonderful letter of recommendation but reality was sinking in fast. I was unemployed and job hunting sucks.

So You Want to Be a Sales Professional.

Fresh out of college or looking for a new career path? Maybe you’re thinking a B2B (business to business) sales, account manager, account executive position sounds like the path to success for you. Fantastic! I mean why not… You can work the hours you want and the money just flows in. Have a couple of slick pitches and people melt like butter to sign the dotted line. Right? Wrong! We should probably discuss what being a salesperson, sales professional, is really all about before you make this move.


Six Myths in Hiring a Senior Sales Professional.

As a member of this elite group I thought it might be time to voice a slightly prejudiced opinion on the subject. I have always, and am currently; self training, putting in long days, and I always become the “go-to” guy for answers and solutions. I am a highly competitive sales producer and wrap my arms around the latest in technologies and offerings to help me win. So why is there hesitancy to hire a senior sales professional? Isn’t this the prerequisite of the ideal candidate typically? Am I so different? Are you?

Working from home

Working From Home. Living the Dream, Or is it?

While most of us only fantasize about working from home I recently was able to make this dream come true. With the greater Seattle area housing so expensive there was just no way I could afford to live close to work. My commute consisted of either driving around the peninsula or taking the ferry. Both consumed 3 to 4 hours of my day regardless. And then there was the expense.