crazy interviews

Crazy Interviews That Changed My Hiring Process.

I was “blessed” with the opportunity last year to look for a job. It seems like in the tech industry it’s a matter of when and not if. So the process began. Update the LinkedIn profile, check. Update my resumes and cover letters, check. Start networking and bugging everyone, double check. And low and behold invites for interviews started to happen. Good times, or was it?



Six Myths in Hiring a Senior Sales Professional.

As a member of this elite group I thought it might be time to voice a slightly prejudiced opinion on the subject. I have always, and am currently; self training, putting in long days, and I always become the “go-to” guy for answers and solutions. I am a highly competitive sales producer and wrap my arms around the latest in technologies and offerings to help me win. So why is there hesitancy to hire within my age group? Isn’t this the prerequisite of the ideal candidate typically? Am I so different? Are you?


Job Hunting Sucks and What to Do About It.

I’m cruising along thinking things are going well when a call comes into my office. “Chris, can you come see me”. Entering my bosses office I can immediately sense this is not going to be a normal meeting. I am right. After the “you have been laid-off” statement my mind went numb. Wow, I did not see that coming. They didn’t replace my position and I received a wonderful letter of recommendation but reality was sinking in fast. I was unemployed and job hunting sucks.


So You Want to Be a Sales Professional.

Fresh out of college or looking for a new career path? Maybe you’re thinking a B2B (business to business) sales, account manager, account executive position sounds like the path to success for you. Fantastic! I mean why not… You can work the hours you want and the money just flows in. Have a couple of slick pitches and people melt like butter to sign the dotted line. Right? Wrong! We should probably discuss what being a salesperson, sales professional, is really all about before you make this move.