sales networking

Sales Networking with Your Business Posse.

As a business owner you make huge efforts participating in boards, associations, and sales networking meetings of all types. Sometimes in group settings and sometimes just simple one on one facetime lunches or cups of coffee somewhere. A good thing. With that said, however, I would guess most of you are missing some of your best sales networking, lead generation, opportunities and don’t even realize it. Let me explain.

home office

The Perfect Home Office.

Working from home is awesome! The flexibility of setting your own schedule, saving time and money with no commute is incredible. My home office promotes efficiency in my non-traditional work environment. So what does that actually mean? Consider the following tips to help define a perfect home office for your new business.


4 Tips for Killer Voicemail.

When left with no choice but to leave a message… Do you leave an impromptu message? Or even worse… Do you simply put the phone down and hang up, expecting to catch that prospect at a later time? If so… Why? Do you believe voicemail’s a waste of time? I have a question for you… Is it leaving a voicemail that’s a waste of time or could it be the voicemail you’re leaving? Let’s make sure it’s not the later.

selling services

Selling Services. It Still Takes a Call.

In an effort to market my new services business I have embraced digital marketing in a big way. Selling services using social media venues, websites, blog posts, email campaigns and more I am connecting with tens of thousands regularly. I have made some tremendous progress with these endeavors. I have also come to realize that it still takes a call (or two or three) to make a sale. Why is that?