9 Ways to Get Around SPAM filters.

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After signing up for a couple of lead generation websites lo and behold leads started appearing in my inbox. I had read earlier on their site that I should make contact immediately through email and a phone call. I decided to build an email that would be like none other. I added my company’s history as well as mine. So far so good… but now the creative juices were starting to flow. I put a coupon in it and of course tweaking my signature for that lasting impression. Embed our BBB and my LinkedIn link with image buttons they could click on. I leaned back and was well pleased.


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As instructed, I called the lead contacts and much to my surprise they had never received any correspondence from me. At first I thought, “Right buddy there’s no way you would have missed my masterpiece”. I even went so far as to put in the subject line, in bold, NOT JUNK MAIL. After a couple of these calls I soon realized they were indeed not getting the emails. A couple of them offered to check their filter and found them there. My follow-up marketing ploy had become spam. This, of course, would not do and I immediately went into research mode to find a better way to build emails. I needed to get around the infamous spam filters. Let me share with you some of my new found knowledge.

“I’d rather send out a mass email then hang posters all over the place.” -Todd Barry

No Spam
The good news is there are better ways to format and distribute email. The bad news is I had pretty much broke every rule and thus my masterpiece became spam. In an effort to keep you from going through the pain I did I have listed some ways you can protect yourself. I would also suggest you “google” something like “trigger list filter email delete” as there are many opinions on this subject. Here we go…

    1.) Don’t use italics and very large fonts.
    2.) Don’t use different fonts and WORDS IN UPPERCASE.
    3.) Don’t use white text on a graphical background.
    4.) Don’t embed images.
    5.) Avoid using forms in the email.
    6.) Avoid words which have a high Spam score.
    7.) Do not send your HTML-based newsletter without a text-delivery option.
    8.) Don’t send attachments.
    9.) Avoid using BCC distribution.

Spam Check is a link where you can check your email before sending it out. I found this extremely helpful.

If you’re not seeing any results from your hard work chances are you’re being spam filtered.

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