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    Nice article. You make some good points.

    Two things you didn’t mention are age and experience.

    Hiring new college grads and expecting them to have drive — especially the discipline — is generally an exercise in futility.

    After salespeople have spent a few years in the trenches getting beat up, they learn the values you speak of. They learn that they have to be self-disciplined if they expect to succeed. That self-discipline leads them to the remaining values you wrote of.

    You mentioned several motivators — money, “skin in the game”, etc. — but you didn’t mention respect and appreciation. I’ve found many great salespeople work harder and are more loyal to a manager who genuinely appreciates their work and respects them as a person, managing as a coach rather than as a “boss”.

    Building a strong, winning sales team is a challenge many companies struggle to meet.

    John Gilger

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