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    Good topic and coincidentally, I just aired a radio show this morning that lends itself well to this topic. The show is on Experience Mapping Employees into their strengths.

    The high points is that when we ignore employees, they stand a 40% chance of becoming “Actively Disengaged” from their job. If we focus on their weaknesses, they stand a 22% chance of becomeing “Actively Disengaged” and if we recognize them for their strengths they stand only a 1% chance of becoming “Actively Disengaged” from their job.

    The question is, do you want “Actively Engaged” or Actively Disengaged” employees taking care of your customers, internal and external to your business?

    You can hear the whole show at: http://HawksEyeOnBusiness.com/Radio-show

    Look for the audio player on the left hand side of that page.

    NOTE: Stats came from the book: Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath (recommended to me by Mary Gersema from Employers Resource)

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    Pretty much the same… At our company there are lots of cool sales incentives like IPads and Mac Laptops that the Presales guys can’t qualify for. Anything I do for the Presales guys is in the $100 range. When I present them with a recognition award I get a polite handshake and a thank you, but as soon as I’m gone, I know what they are saying. Now they’re jaded. Honestly, I’ve had better response just giving public recognition then privately treating them and their spouse to a nice dinner or a getaway. Then I bury it in my expense budget.

  3. Chris: I want to echo the importance of making the praise specific and personal. When I was in my 1st general counsel job at a software company 15 years ago, the VP of Sales gave me a plaque at the annual kick-off dinner. It was for a specific accomplishment – cutting our sales closing cycle time by 80% – and it was personal. The plaque is enscribed “Michael Oswald – Mr. Can Do!” I still proudly display that plaque!


  4. Tamara Toscas said:

    I love your genuine desire to see people grow, Chris and that you take the time to share the wisdom you have gained through trial and error. Thank you

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