Top 10 Business Apps – Kindle Fire.


As one of the original 5+ million that purchased the Kindle Fire a new tablet love affair has transpired. I now own 3, one for each member of my family, and they’re perfect to carry around for all our personal and business duties. The later being a huge unexpected surprise. Below are 10 sales and business applications that I recommend.

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What is Internet of Everything?

internet appliance

Your daily computer experience is most likely like mine. Normal email routine, some social media, and a couple of sites you visit. Truthfully for me it’s starting to become a big yawn and I suspect for you as well. That’s going to change in a big way with the Internet of Everything.

If you thought you’re connected today, just wait. Imagine a world where it isn’t just computers exchanging information, but everything. I’m talking about your auto, air conditioners, blood pressure cuffs, coffeemakers, business phones, televisions… everything! Enter Internet of things and Internet of Everything.

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Business Cloud Communications, Social Media, and Web Presence.


Phones, phone lines, internet, websites, social media and the list goes on. Who would have thought that this new marketing – communications direction would be a company’s newest and maybe even top concern?

So what’s working and what isn’t? Where do you put your time and money?

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