Business Paranoia of Social Media.

The “great fear” of businesses globally is that their employees are going to commit them to unspeakable liabilities and ultimately “twitter” their business away. Could this really happen? If you ask any business attorney they will of course tell you absolutely or at the very least possibly. My question then is how is this any different than emails, text-messages, recorded conversations (especially in one-party states), voice-mails, letters, verbal conversations… etc.? While I’m not an attorney common sense would tell me that while each of these “technologies” have their differences they are all areas of possible worry and liability. So why the business paranoia on only the new social media venues?


Race to Zero

Race to Zero – Business Profits and Consumer Savings.

There is such a fine line between business profits and consumer savings. As a business owner, it is so easy to go down the egomaniac path of “win every deal at all costs”. Consumers typically don’t care if you make money and push for every dollar of savings adding to this dilemma. It really can become a race to zero and possibly a death knell for your business. So what do you do to stay in the game with reasonable profits for business continuity?


Is Company Loyalty Dead?

Watching a movie with my son the other night the main character announced that his company had “never fired anyone”. He went on to explain that “because of this they had loyal hard workers as they were secure in their positions and future”. While this is obvious fiction it does make one wonder. Where does company loyalty really come from?