Motivation through Profanity.

Isn’t cursing by a manager, CEO, employee, or even a small business owner simply showing that they’re passionate about their work? That the use of foul language enforces needed emphasis and motivation to others? Many think so… What do you think?

How did you feel when in a meeting, in a one on one, or just overhearing a supervisor using foul language to drive a point home? Did it really do that?


Constant connectivity

Constant Connectivity – When’s My Time?

We live in a 24 hour connected society with lines between “my time” and “company time” becoming more and more blurred. Millennials, and soon Re-gens, are accepting constant connectivity as the norm for the most part. They don’t seem to feel the need to disconnect. This goes for business and personal connectivity equally. Unfortunately that is the rub for most businesses. They want constant connectivity for business but not so much for personal.