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Throughout my career I have been involved in the high tech hardware and software sales sectors including positions of ownership, sales engineering, sales management, channel management, product development, and marketing. I am widely recognized for my efforts in the computer manufacturing, telecommunications, social media marketing, and sales success industries. I am currently working for a Cloud Business Services Company.

Current outside projects include SalesBlog! a sales business technology articles website.

Early business accomplishments include the designing and running of a large BBS, The Business Hub, and was given kudos from BBS magazine in 1993. I also built a multi-million dollar computer manufacturing company from the ground up and was awarded as the top system nationally in Windows Magazine 1997 through 1998.

Multiple public speaking engagements such as the keynote speaker for Syringa Networks in front of 150 CFO IT Directors. Presented to the VMware User Group (VMUG) on virtualized server and cloud telecommunications. There were over 40 IT directors of large corporations in attendance.

Career Highlights

Panelist – Chris Cayer Radio Show (Virtual) – Listen Now!
“You handled it and engaged like a seasoned guest” – Chris Cayer
Keynote Speaker – Syringa Networks Business and Technology Symposium.
Quota Cup sales manager achievement – Integra Telecom.
Awarded company stock options – Inter-Tel.
Nationally Recognized and Awarded - Windows Magazine.
Nationally Recognized – BBS Magazine.


Author of original sales business technology articles for lottspace’s SalesBlog! website. Responsible for design, optimization and marketing of SalesBlog!. This endeavor is not income generating by design but used for credibility and honing my skills in sales, software development, product marketing, and management.

Development of the SalesBlog! site has included my custom programming using PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL and graphic design tools. Marketing has been done using my customized SEO techniques and creative use of Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook.


Wisdom Shared
“We underestimate our influence in this world”
“Adversity is an opportunity to gain wisdom.”
“It’s the conviction, mindset, and ultimately action that defines us.”
“The successes drive us and the failures challenge us.”
“People share with people they trust.”
“Scars are meant to help us remember what we DON’T want to do again.”

Sales and Business
“No Salesman – No Business”
“Anyone can sell something… Do it day in and day out for years… successfully… then you can honestly hold the title of salesperson”
“There’s nothing “automatic” about true sales success.”
“Setting goals is great but in just doing that they’re worthless.”
“Best business relationships are founded on trust and respect. Without either there really is no relationship.”

“I asked someone that had a terrible crisis in their life how they got through it? They said they drank until the pain lessened. I thought about this and unfortunately I believe many do this. I am thankful for the realization and knowledge that I can turn these trials over to God and He will help lessen them for me without the hangover and depression.”

I am going to achieve being the better person that I know I am.”

“No matter what happens to us we can achieve our moment of greatness whatever that means to each of us individually – Shouldn’t that be part of our life experience?”

“Don’t re-invent yourself. You are great as who you are. Focus and embrace your strengths and abilities. Success is open to all types of personalities.”

“You want happiness? Always work on intellectual, spiritual, and physical improvements in your life. Not something I came up with but I truly believe in. It takes a massive amount of focus from time to time. It doesn’t matter whether you’re perfect at any of them. Just that you continue to try and improve.”

“One of the great things about getting older is looking back at your crazy path in life, most times not making sense at all, and seeing the reason for it.”

“In a particularly low time in my life I had a complete stranger walk up to me outside my house. He said “You look like you are going through a tough time…” The Spirit was so strong that I don’t remember anything else he said. I do know what I felt. Wonderful feelings that to this day are as strong as they were then. I never saw that man again and have always thought of him as an angel. It still brings tears to my eyes as I write this so many years later.”


The easiest way to contact me is through email using my contact form. You might also DM (direct message) me on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. My Voice number is (602) 730-5734, and you can occasionally find me on Skype as r.chris.lott.


This project is currently being developed on the WordPress platform. It has been highly modified using the Ignite Plus WordPress Theme, customized widgets, and my personal custom code snippets. I host this site using Hostmonster.


The comments and kudos received thus far have been appreciated greatly. If my ideas and experiences have helped even one professional then this endeavor has succeeded. I will share more of my remarkable message in the near future. Until then sell your heart out and enjoy a tremendous quality of life!