6 Hot Android Cloud Apps.

If you’re looking for android cloud apps to make your Android OS device a powerful sales tool then look no further than these 6 business – sales solutions.


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Lookout Mobile Security – Lookout provides security to protect you from viruses, malware and spyware, the ability to backup and restore your data. OTA install: “Lookout’s unique cross-platform, cloud-connected applications are designed to be lightweight and efficient while delivering the best protection possible.” FREE

TripIt for Android – Travel app that keeps your TripIt itineraries at the ready. Scan the code install: “Get instant access to all the trip planning information you might need while you’re traveling, even when you can’t connect to the Internet.” FREE

GDocs for Android – GDocs is a simple way to stay in touch with Google Docs. Scan the code install: “GDocs is a editor/viewer for your Google Documents. It is an Android application that allows you create, edit, view, import, export and send documents as well sync documents with your Google Docs account.” FREE

CallTrack – CallTrack logs your phone activity to your Google Calendar. Scan the code install: “You can select the type of calls to log (incoming, outgoing, and missed) and the calendar to log them in. You can also dump your current call log to your calendar.” FREE

MightyMeeting for Android – Store your presentations in the cloud and use the dazzling hi-res screen of your Android phone to share them anywhere. OTA install: “With MightyMeeting you can manage a library of PowerPoint presentations directly from your smartphone or tablet. You can share them via email, blog, Twitter, or Facebook. You can start or join web meetings directly from your… Android phone. MightyMeeting is the only online meeting platform that lets you start a meeting directly from your Android phone over a 3G or WiFi wireless connection. You can actually start a meeting while you have your customer on the phone.” FREE

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Document Scanner – Document Scanner allows you to scan documents with your phone camera, convert them into PDF, and email the PDF document to anyone, all from your mobile phone. Scan the code install: “Now you can even upload your file to Google docs or to Dropbox for sharing with others, or just for storing. You can scan any number of pages and convert them into one single PDF file. You can even add to an existing set of scanned documents. You can choose to email the file immediately, or save it on your phone for later use. The PDF file is saved to your phone’s SD card.” FREE TRIAL ($4.99)

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