4 Tips for Killer Voicemails.

Leaving voicemail

When left with no choice but to leave a voicemail… Do you leave an impromptu message? Or even worse… Do you simply put the phone down and hang up, expecting to catch that prospect at a later time? If so… Why? Do you believe voicemail’s a waste of time? I have a question for you… Is it leaving a voicemail that’s a waste of time or could it be the voicemail you’re leaving? Let’s make sure it’s not the later.

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First, and most important, don’t exceed 30 to 45 seconds!
This will prevent you from rambling on. It’s going to force you to laser in on a specific message.

4 Tips for Killer Voicemails

Tip 1 – Be brief and get to the point. Identify yourself and the purpose of calling. Give them a reason to reply. It needs to be something compelling that makes the listener want to get back to you for their benefit. Make sure you time stamp it as well.

Tip 2 – Always, always, always leave your phone number and your email address. There are people that feel more comfortable with email. Let them know that you check your email regularly.

Tip 3 – Don’t be vague… be specific on what your intentions are. If you need something specific then ask for it in the voicemail. I hate it when someone leaves a vague message. Typically I will not call them back. Rest assured I’m not the exception.

Tip 4 – And last but not least… always offer some pain if they don’t return the call. Loss of money, product, opportunity, etc..

Seems simple right? Actually it does take some planning and practice.

Create 3 Unique Voicemail Messages.
Keep leaving the same old voicemail messages every week… you can actually be reinforcing the wrong message. If voicemail one doesn’t resonate with them, maybe voicemails two and three will.

Practice Each Message 10 Times.
Practice, Practice, Practice… make sure you practice every voicemail a minimum of 10 times. Out loud. Hear yourself say it. You don’t want to sound canned or scripted, but more of a natural conversation.

Leaving a voicemail can be a successful tool if planned and implemented correctly.

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