Ramp Up Sales People in Less Than Thirty Days!


You made the decision to replace or bring on new sales talent. Maybe the last hire or group of hires didn’t go so well. Your company’s financial gurus will not accept the costs of bad hires and slow ramp up sales people. You’ve been given lofty goals to attain and you have no time, or patience, for “non-starters”. This time it has to be done right. Period.

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4 Ways to Keep Your Business Personal.


Just Business… Nothing Personal… Of course business is personal. The concept that somehow when we call something “business” the personal touch to the end user and/or potential customer becomes less important is just wrong. I don’t care if you’re the owner of a small “mom and pop” organization or the CEO of a global conglomerate all business is personal or at least it should be.

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Integrity Selling.


So… You’re working your behind off and doing all the “right things” to only have one of your more unsavory teammates annihilate your sales numbers and become the new board leader. To make matters worse they’re notorious for saying/doing anything to make a sale and all that implies. Where’s the “what goes around, comes around”? Where’s the integrity selling?

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What Does it Mean to be Driven?


What does it mean to be driven? To have drive? Is it important to sales success? Where does it come from? Can it be taught? One of the hardest challenges as a sales manager is hiring great talent. Even after multiple interviews, sales evaluation exams, and impeccable references contacted a less than hire can still happen. What makes them less than? I can sum this up in one word, Drive.

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Overcome Sales Burnout.

sales burnout

If you’ve been in any kind of position (sales or otherwise), a business owner, and/or manager for any length of time you know what I’m talking about. I always know I’m “in a bad place” when after winning a deal it’s a pain to fill out the contract. One of my sales people tell me about a deal they won and while I show excitement I’m not. These should always be good things, right? What happened to the passion? The “I can’t wait to go to work” attitude?

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Facebook, Customer Connections and Hell No!


You’ve finally built a relationship with a potential customer and are getting pretty chummy. Thinking a social media customer connection is a great next step you start in with… “Hey let’s connect” you say. “Great!, LinkedIn?” says the customer. “No, I was thinking Facebook.” you blurt out. Silence [cricket noise]. Things just got awkward. Why?

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Social Media Cyber Bullying and Mean-Spirited Comments.

cyber bully

I was raised in a witty, cutting, aggressive dialogued environment and became a master of it in high school and college. With this background it would be easy to derail conversations for my own purpose. Regardless, I have consciously decided not to do so; one… out of manners and respect for the author, and two… for the possibility to learn something new. I would never lash out with a personal attack as I see that as a weak and small minded response. I wish that were true of others.

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Social Media a Waste of Time.

social waste

Somewhere along the way sales professionals thought they had found the infamous “silver bullet” for sales success. “If I just Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin I will have thousands of sales easily!” Question… when has marketing using email, faxing, or mailers ever worked that way? Isn’t social media the same? You’re return will always be fractions of a percent for the effort. Always has, always will be… and you know what? That’s o.k. So, Is social media a waste of time?

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