sales chunking

Sales Chunking to Win Deals.

Getting the customer to keep the proposed solution in their memory is a technique and tool we should take serious. How do you use sales chunking?

management skills

Top 6 Management Skills.

Learn new management skills that work! Here are 6 powerful tips to become the best, most productive, manager ever!

sales stress

Sales Stress and Anger Issues.

Recognize the top 10 Igniters of sales stress. Overcome these with the 12 ways to handle sales stress before it becomes anger.

new sales manager

First 90 Days As a Manager.

The first 90 days are so critical. Let me help you achieve the success desired for the first 90 days and beyond!

Sales Training and Your State of Mind

Sales Training and Your State of Mind.

Are you the sales person that always has the “exception” example to all training? Are you convinced your knowledge base is superior to anything a trainer puts across?

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