LinkedIn SEO


LinkedIn is a lot of different things to a lot of different users. Arguably the most powerful place to make connections with business owners, executives, decision makers, recruiters, job seekers and the like. With more than 433 million users, many of whom are executives and decision makers, it is a very powerful but congested venue for building relationships and credibility. This is where having a basic understanding of LinkedIn SEO is very useful.

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Activity Before Sales Leads.

sales leads

I’m a big fan of tracking performance metrics, in-depth and granular. I’m talking about much more than just tracking leads, appointments and opportunities however. I monitor actual daily activity that rewarded a salesperson with sales leads in the first place. Where did the lead come from? What activity was performed to get that lead? Are the sales leads quality? I want to know what is working to produce qualified leads. Here’s why.

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What Box? The Myth of Thinking Out of the Box.


What if I told you that to be successful meant to NOT recognize a box at all. That using previous experience, yours or others, meshed with new inspired thinking brought possibilities never imagined. That wrapping your mind around concepts totally free of limitations yet inspired by previous experience and knowledge is enlightened thinking. Let me explain.

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Top 10 Business Apps – Kindle Fire.


As one of the original 5+ million that purchased the Kindle Fire a new tablet love affair has transpired. I now own 3, one for each member of my family, and they’re perfect to carry around for all our personal and business duties. The later being a huge unexpected surprise. Below are 10 sales and business applications that I recommend.

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Crazy Interviews That Changed My Hiring Process.

crazy interviews

I was “blessed” with the opportunity last year to look for a job. It seems like in the tech industry it’s a matter of when and not if. So the process began. Update the LinkedIn profile, check. Update my resumes and cover letters, check. Start networking and bugging everyone, double check. And low and behold invites for interviews started to happen. Good times, or was it?

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Selling – Shut Up and Get the Signature.

shut up

One of our existing accounts was moving to a new location and wanted advice and quotes on upgrades and/or new products. Nice. In an effort to build the right solution I asked one of our technicians to be on a call to clarify the client’s needs/usage. On the call the technician instantly starts telling them what they need. Not asking… but telling them what they need. No sales strategy or care for my previous conversations or budgets discussed. In fact, most of the products this technician was selling were way over what I had thought they could afford and would have never proposed. I am now very uncomfortable with the conversation and am starting to wish I hadn’t invited the technician. What happened next was such a surprise however. The customer agrees with the technician and asks to get a contract sent over. What?

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